I am Ninoslav Zebic

Front-end Developer,Web Designer,Web Developer

Name: Ninoslav Zebic

Profile: Front-end Developer

Email: zebicninoslav@gmail.com

Phone: (381) 066-xxxxxx

What I know

Also i'm constantly learning

CSS3 & Bootstrap
JavaScript & Vanilla.js & jQuery & React.js
About me

I am freelancer from Serbia, highly motivated, reliable, ambitious, able to recognize and solve problems. With over 5 years of experience in Web Development & WordPress Design.

Because we know the best way to learn is to practice, I also did a bunch of personal projects with the knowledge I gathered from the courses.

I always want to learn more, do more, and be more. I’m also a firm believer that we should never settle. I’m hard working, super curious, passionate, committed, and also a fast learner!

What I do

“I'm not a great programmer, I'm just a good programmer with great habits.”

Web Design

Professional and affordable websites from a Developer you can trust.

Web Development

Need a spotless, utilitarian, and cell-prepared site that will enable you to achieve all your web based promoting objectives? I can help you with that.


Several years ago it was easy to overlook front-end development. Most internet browsers were limited to simple HTML rendering and all interactivity was provided by the back-end systems. I, as a front-end developer using only the best tools that are guaranteed to bring you the expected results.

Responsive Design

I create user-friendly navigation and responsive content layout. Site will show on different devices by adapting proper codes for multiple formats (smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc.).


Design of websites never could be done easier than today. I can create for you WordPress site, for yours job, portfolio or other stuff. Even if you want Shopping Store.

SEO optimization

I can help the search engines find your pages and get them in front of your audience.


“Talk is cheap. Show me the code.”

WordPress / Tour Guide

Web Design / NinoDev

Bootstrap Portfolio Theme / Bootstrap 4, JS, CSS3, HTML5

Web Developer / NinoDev

Bootstrap Portfolio Theme / Bootstrap 4, JS, CSS, HTML5

Web Developer / NinoDev

WordPress / Media & News

Web Design / NinoDev

HTML & CSS & JS / Gradient Generator

Web Developer / NinoDev

Movie DB with API key / JS, React.js, HTML & CSS

Web Developer / NinoDev

Mouse Move Object / HTML & CSS & Vanilla.js

Web Developer / NinoDev

JSON Tables / HTML & CSS & Ajax & jquery

Web Developer / NinoDev

Twitter Clone created using / Bootstrap 4 / HTML / CSS3

Web Developer / NinoDev

Responsive Bootstrap page created using / Bootstrap 4 / HTML / CSS3

Web Developer / NinoDev

Responsive Bootstrap page created using / Bootstrap 4 / HTML / CSS3/ JS

Web Developer / NinoDev